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How to write a successful Christmas letter


Christmas is a time to get in touch with friends and family. What better way than to spread your love than by sending a thoughtful Christmas letter?

Christmas letters have been a part of American Christmas traditions for many years. Letters are carefully composed and sent to loved ones during the holiday season. But, why do Americans write Christmas letters? It is a way for families to keep in touch and to catch up on what has happened in their lives over the past year. Christmas letter must haves:

  1. Warm holiday greeting
  2. Updates of family members
  3. Highlights of the year
  4. Sincere Christmas wish

What you do not want do!

Good luck!

  • composed: to create
  • to keep in touch: maintain communications with someone
  • to catch up on: to become up to date
  • highlight: important, memorable, or enjoyable event
  • sincere: genuine, real