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Watch out for some false friends!!!

If you are studying English, you probably know that some words are not what they seem to be. Be careful! These are some false friends you should learn:


If you wantto talk about something that is happening NOW, don’t go for actuallyNowadays is the word you are looking for.

When we use actually we only try to emphasise something we are saying. E.G.What did he actually say? (And remember! We are not talking about the moment when he said/says that).


Careful with this one! If you have studied Law, please don’t go saying you are an Avocado… but a LawyerAvocado is something we eat. This is what an avocado really (ACTUALLY) is:




This does not mean you are having a baby! You will be embarrassed if you are ashamed of something, if you are not comfortable with a situation. So, embarrassed, rather than this:


Would be:



Sensible and sensitive

  • Sensitive: If you are a really emotional person and are easily affected by external causes.
  • Sensible: If you have common sense and make intelligent decisions.

Lentils and contact lenses

Are you short-sighted? Do you need to wear glasses, or contact lenses?

Then please, do not say: Where are my lentils? (Or people will think you are quite hungry).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           contact lenses

(lentils)                                                         (lenses)

If you liked this post, come back soon! We will continue with this false friends’ list.