Phrasal Verbs Type #1

Phrasal Verbs! Arrgghh!

So you’re probably wondering how Phrasal Verbs work! Here is a brief lesson: did you know that there are three types of Phrasal Verbs with three different contructions? I know, right?! There are three, I know this probably adds to your confusion and strong dislike for Phrasal Verbs! Do not worry! We will tackle one at a time:

Phrasal Verb Construction #1 – Separable Phrasal Verbs!

verb + particle + object (noun)

verb + object (noun) + particle

verb + object pronoun + particle

So what does this mean? It means that you can place the noun between the verb and particle or after the verb and particle without changing the meaning of the Phrasal Verbs although there are exceptions to this rule!

Question: Mary, did you blow up the balloons for the party?
Answer: Yes, I blew them up!

Now think of more examples!