Gap-fill Exercise

Fill in the blanks using the words in the box below, then click the «Check» button to check your answers.
   after      around      away      down      for      into      out      over      through    up   
1. While you are hiking in the forest, you need to look  for rattlesnakes. They are often lying on the trails.2. If you don’t know his phone number, you can look it  in the phone book.

3. The police are going to look  the recent robberies in the neighborhood. Hopefully, they will find the thief.

4. While he was looking  the papers, he noticed a couple of spelling mistakes.

5. If you look  the telescope, you can see the rings around Saturn.

6. Sandy is going to look  the children while we are at the business dinner.

7. When there is an eclipse, you should look  from the sun. Looking at the sun can sometimes damage your eyes.

8. I lost my keys. Can you help me look  them?

9. The lost child stood there in the middle of the store looking  trying to find his parents.

10. She always looks  on people who don’t agree with her. I think she is very arrogant.