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How to carve a Jack-O-Lantern

Do you know the tradition of carving a pumpkin for Halloween? It is a great excuse to spend the evening with your family or friends, doing something creative and fun!

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Let’s go karaoke singing!

Do you enjoy singing? Would you like to improve your English while understanding the meaning of your favorite songs?? Then try Lyrics training!


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Eight words you probably do not pronounce properly

Take a look at this post from Guirilandia. They propose eight words that you (in case you are a native Spanish speaker) probably don’t pronounce properly. You can see (or rather hear) what the correct pronunciation is by clicking on the audios.

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Tips for a Job Interview in English

Nowadays, as we all know, languages have become a very important part of life, and therefore, a very important part in everyone’s proffesional carreer. When applying for a job, they will probably require a specific level of English for the position you are requesting, and in order for them to be sure you can speak the language, they will probably ask you a few questions in English. We know this might be frightening, so we hope this tips might help you.

They will probably ask you some common questions, to see if you can actually elaborate on a specific idea in a foreign language.

Be careful! They might ask you if they can switch to English or they might do it without any warning at all!

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How to Write a Formal Letter

There are a few important things to remember when writing a formal letter, so here’s some tips to make it perfect:

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The Mormons – a different American phenomenon

To Americans, Utah means «Mormons» – one of the most surprising religious groups in the USA. To this day, Mormons largely run Utah, as they have done since their ancestors first colonized the state in the 19th century. And even if, today, there are more and more non-Mormons living in Utah, it is still Mormons who govern many aspects of life in this part of the Mountain West.

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You may have read this and thought: well possessive pronouns are not very tricky!!!

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Quote of the day by Robin Williams

robin t

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Reading: Before Stonehenge

One long-ago day around 3200 B.C., the farmers and herdsmen on Scotland’s remote Orkney Islands decided to build something big…


They had Stone Age technology, but their vision was millennia ahead of their time. Five thousand years ago the ancient inhabitants of Orkney—a fertile, green archipelago off the northern tip of modern-day Scotland—erected a complex of monumental buildings unlike anything they had ever attempted before.

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Reading: Top 5 pop-up restaurants and food experiences in Amsterdam

Fresh tastes, clever design and a relaxed vibe are the order of the day for Amsterdam’s innovative and pop-up restaurants


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Quote of the day by Walt Disney


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Reading: Top 10 Irish Myths and Legends

Ireland’s long history is riddled with ancient mythology and folklore. Ireland’s ancient societies, the Druids and the Celtics, believed in the power of magic and many of these beliefs spread to modern day legends told again and again across the country. Stories of warriors with all the knowledge of the world, fairies playing pranks on farm owners and leprechauns hiding their gold at the end of a rainbow add to the mysterious appeal of Ireland.

10. Banshee


The Banshee was a woman who carried with her an omen of death. Sometimes you saw the Banshee as an old woman dressed in rags, sometimes you saw her as a young and beautiful girl and sometimes you saw her as a wash woman, ringing out bloody clothing. Whenever she was seen, she let out a horrible cry and legend has it this cry brought death to any family that heard it. King James I of Scotland thought he was approached by a Banshee. Shortly after, he died at the Earl of Atholl.