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Let’s go karaoke singing!

Do you enjoy singing? Would you like to improve your English while understanding the meaning of your favorite songs?? Then try Lyrics training!


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April, 23rd: World Book Day

As you may know, yesterday, April 23rd, was the World Book Day.

It is celebrated all around the world (although it is more popular in certain countries and in other countries the celebration has been moved to a different date). For example, in the United Kingdom the festivity takes place on the first Thursday  of March , because it clashed with Easter school holidays.

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Different Christmas traditions around the world

Whether it’s leaving some treats out for Santa and his reindeer or simply decorating the tree, Christmas time is full of family traditions.

But just how do children and their parents celebrate Christmas in other countries across the globe?

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Reading: Before Stonehenge

One long-ago day around 3200 B.C., the farmers and herdsmen on Scotland’s remote Orkney Islands decided to build something big…


They had Stone Age technology, but their vision was millennia ahead of their time. Five thousand years ago the ancient inhabitants of Orkney—a fertile, green archipelago off the northern tip of modern-day Scotland—erected a complex of monumental buildings unlike anything they had ever attempted before.

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Quote of the day by Nelson Mandela


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Grammar Lesson: Connectives Chart

The Text Pattern Intervention Ihle

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Reading: Wild swimming in the UK

The secluded beauty of wild swimming in the UK makes for the perfect alfresco dip – and you’re never too far away from great campsites, castles, gardens, pubs and restaurants either

Wild SwimmingTaking the plunge … the UK’s wild swimming spots are worth making a splash over.

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Idiom of the day

Hit the books

hit the books

To study, especially for a test or exam. 

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Travel picture quiz: film locations

All of these places have featured in a famous movie. Can you name the film and the location where it was shot? Answers at the end


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Recipe: Brownie


185g unsalted butter
185g best dark chocolate
85g plain flour
40g cocoa powder
50g white chocolate
50g milk chocolate
3 large eggs
275g golden caster sugar

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Reading: 10 of the best coffee shops in London

London’s top coffee shops, as tipped by Guardian readers. Feed your caffeine addiction at these capital city highlights

Coffee shop The Attendant, Fitrovia, LondonFull of beans … the Attendant, Fitzrovia, central London. 

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Phrasal Verb of the day



Pedir a voces, exigir, requerir