Cambridge Exam Prep

The Cambridge English Scale: the new results for Cambridge exams

Cambridge exams are among the most popular English exams for foreigners.

You probably know about the First Certificate Exam or the Certificate in Advanced English. Well, there have been some changes lately in the results you get.

What will I get?

All candidates will receive a Statement of Results, and if you pass the exam you will also receive a certificate. 

Your Statement of Results contains the following information:

  • Your score on the Cambridge English Scale for each of the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and use of English. 
  • Your score on the Cambridge English Scale for the overall exam 
  • Your grade (A, B, C, Level B1) for the overall exam
  • Your CEFR level for the overall exam (which may be different from the level of the exam).



What if I fail the exam?

Imagine you decide to take the CAE exam. And you fail. The big question is: Will I get some sort of certificate?

Well, you will not be given the First Certificate, but your score and also your level according to the CEFR will appear in the Statement of Results. This does not mean you have the First Certificate but you will have a statement saying you have a B2 level. This will be a valid document in case you need to prove your level of English. However, if you are required to specifically have the FCE Certificate, it will probably not be enough.

And what if I get a higher score?

In case you have a higher score, or get an A, you will be considered to have a higher level and the procedure will be the same as in the other situation: You will be given the Statement of Results with your score and level according to the CEFR (C2, in this case) but not a higher certificate.  (Of course, you will be given the Certificate in Advanced English).

You can find out more about this new range here: Cambridge English Scale Factsheet.